Our products, or materials which we produce our products, are subjected to prolonged testing. Materials exhibit prolonged exposure to weather conditions, which correspond to the Central European climatic conditions and then evaluate the information received and processed. Zíkaných Based on this experience, then we can offer our customers a product from the manufacture of a material that will best suit their needs and which will also unnecessarily expensive.

Collecting customer experience

With our customers we are usually in long contact, we can draw from them feedback on their degree of satisfaction with our products. This procedure usually use for new and untested procedures that are required for projects which have not yet been implemented. In this case, we share the risk and test a prototype product along with the customer in case of imperfections and shortcomings, we are able and willing to solve these problems immediately. This will, among other things, we try to minimize customer concerns about the construction of covers for the atypical and specific airplanes.